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Create a deeper sense of community by enriching your church's network beyond weekly meetings. Use any of our channels to send inspirational quotes, announcements, or event reminders. Invite the congregation to actively participate in the growth and movement of your church using services such as Text-to-Screen and mobile voting campaigns.

Inspire your congregation through the communication channels that are a part of their daily lives. Nurture a spiritual and engaged community while boosting attendance with Directtexting’s All-In-One Messaging solution. Our multi-channel messaging platform enables you to effectively reach all of your members via today’s most popular channels - mobile text, email, social media and voice. It means that your message will reach every age group of your congregation, from young to old, on their preferred channels, be it texting or automated phone calls.

Get everyone involved! Keep members updated about upcoming events via email, social updates, and mobile text messages. Launch a Mobile Voting campaign to quickly gather feedback on topics or events. Remind people about an event’s location and time or any last-minute changes with SMS reminders. Finally, make your services or other large events interactive in real-time via Text-to-Screen by taking prayer requests or scripture questions on a large-screen display.

Our multi-channel messaging platform can also help sustain consistent attendance, expand membership, and even facilitate fundraisers. Members can get a sneak preview of upcoming services by subscribing to your weekly email newsletter. Or post a mobile keyword for anyone to text in to find out about service topics, while adding them to your database of subscribers. Boost turnout for scripture studies and special events like fundraisers by scheduling SMS Appointment Reminders.


Keep church members updated with real-time notifications and announcements via text, mobile, email, voice, and social media channels. Gather feedback and opinions on topics, decisions and events using our mobile voting campaigns. Engage your audience during services and events with Text-to-Screen and never have a dull moment.

Deepen Relationships

Sometimes, weekly meetings don't cut it. Reach out to members seeking more community throughout the week via mobile messages, email, social media, and voice broadcasting. Our platform isn't limited to just communicating with members; leadership can also integrate texting or email into their network. Keep all department heads and small group leaders on the same page and strengthen your church from top to bottom.

Grow in Numbers

By connecting with members throughout the week and maintaining a virtual presence, your church can create buzz about events, services, values, and the list goes on! Let interested individuals easily find out more about your church using mobile keywords and short codes.

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