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Education has become much more than academics today. With our multi-channel platform, schools can create a deeper sense of community and support for students by connecting teachers, parents, administration, and, of course, the students themselves.

College life is all about the hustle and bustle -- classes, part-time jobs, events, and extracurricular activities. Connecting with students, faculty, and alumni requires all available communication channels to reach your entire campus. Directtexting’s cross-channel messaging platform integrates today’s most popular channels -- mobile text, email, voice broadcast, and social media -- to provide you with different ways to get your message across. Whether your goal is to inform, engage, or promote, you can do it all from one consolidated dashboard.

Help students stay on top of the latest campus developments through SMS text messages sent directly to their mobile phones. Manage contingencies by immediately launching real-time notifications about traffic, weather, construction, or other urgent situations. Notify students of class cancellations or extended library hours during finals. Streamline enrollment by scheduling text reminders for tuition payments, class registration, and dropping classes.

It’s not wise to keep all your eggs in one basket. A secondary campus messaging system can help spread your urgent message to those who may not have access to your primary emergency communication system. If your primary method is texting, you can add voice, social, and email to make sure everyone gets your message in one way or another.

Contact Parents

Life can be hectic. Take one more stressor off your patients' mind by sending text reminders for appointments a day or an hour in advance. Simplify your load with automated reminders by reducing time normally spent on courtesy calls.

Connect with Students

Good health is a lifestyle. Send emails to update patients with weekly or monthly newsletters while maintaining a constant presence in their lives. Remind patients of yearly check-ups and seasonal flu shots with text messages. Get the word out about special events and clinics through social media updates.

Coordinate Faculty

Show them you care everyday. Give patients the option to receive daily reminders for medication. Build healthy patient-relationships using two-way messaging. Address their simple non-emergency questions conveniently through text. Send warm sentiments and attention on birthdays and holidays with eCards.

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