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Your viewers, listeners, and readers are connected to their mobile phones even as they are engaged in their entertainment and information fix for the day. And they're still connected when they're not tuned in to their TV or radio show or skimming through their favorite read. With our multi-channel platform, you can now reach them in real time, all the time! Create two-way communication with your followers with any or all of our channels.

People text your custom Mobile Keyword to 77453 (Directtexting's short code) to join your mobile VIP list. Then an automated response is texted back to them with your customized welcome offer. Later, you can send them important text alerts, news, and promotions, resulting in huge and immediate response rates that you can't experience with email marketing alone.

This generation of tech-savvy consumers wants close relationships with organizations that utilize the latest in Multi-Channel Communications. Mobile Text, Email, Social Networks, Blogs – Directtexting's All-In-One Message Service integrates them ALL.

For the same price other companies charge for email marketing alone, with Directtexting you can stay in constant contact with your opt-in audience via any or ALL modes of communication with just one click.

Economic times like this call for innovation. It's time to find new ways to reach your customer base.These days online marketing can only get you so far, and it should be complemented with a strong digital communications strategy that's centered on SMS.


Reach through the screen and engage your viewers with features such as mobile voting and polling. Connect with viewers beyond show hours and let them in on the latest developments of a show via social media. Send reminders via mobile messaging for a show that they're interested in so they never miss an episode. Inform viewers of local and national breaking news such as natural disasters, amber alerts, and emergencies.


Let your listeners be heard! They've turned up your station in the car, while waiting in line, or at home - now give them a voice. Interact with your listeners by inviting song requests by text or initiating fun promotions such as scavenger hunts. Let them asks questions or comment in real time during an interview or talk show. If your station has a street team, let your listeners know where it's headed to increase turnout.


Now your readers don't have to have your publication in their hands to stay connected! Let them opt in using our Online Sign-Up pages or mobile keywords so you can keep them in the loop with news, developments, and promotions. Use QR codes in your print copies and take them directly to the web for more information.

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