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Flyers, mailings, print coupons, and the like were great - in their heyday. Today's marketing strategy must include digital channels in order to be competitive. Our platform is the edge agencies need to sharpen their clients' marketing abilities by integrating five channels in one platform.

The times, they are a-changin'. Nobody knows this better than agencies that have to adopt the latest digital marketing tools to keep up with consumer trends. Help your clients compete by offering them today’s most popular communication channels in one convenient package. With Directtexting's cross-channel marketing platform, your clients can easily create customizable campaigns and collect valuable demographic data.

Get a bird's eye view of all of your marketing campaigns from one convenient web dashboard. Monitor the health and growth of current marketing efforts in real time with report manager. With comprehensive reporting, you and your clients get actionable analytics and stats to maximize the success of their campaigns.

Establish customer relationships with each member of the audience. Now, people can respond to your marketing campaigns on the go through features like mobile keywords, coupons, and QR codes. With SMS appointment reminders, clients can build rapport and minimize missed appointments. Send email newsletters to keep audiences up-to-date, and then engage them regularly on social networks.

Manage Campaigns

Our user-friendly interface lets you manage your marketing campaigns in one place. You can monitor a campaign's condition in real time and receive analytic reports useful for immediate and future marketing efforts.

Engage Audience

Marketing no longer walks a one-way street. With the multi-channel platform, your clients have the opportunity to interact with their audience and improve customer relationships. Short codes and mobile keywords allow your clients to invite their customers to share opinions and feedback. The social media channel allows you to create dialogue and maintain a presence on the web that engages the virtual community.

Collect Customer Data

Knowing the audience sharpens any business' marketing strategy. With our platform, your clients can capture valuable customer data that can help deliver a more direct and powerful message to customers. Collect information such as names, phone numbers and email addresses through Online Sign-Up pages, Facebook fan pages or mobile sign-up pages.

Measure Success

With our detailed ROI reports, your clients don't have to wait in the dark for a campaign's outcome. By providing analytical feedback in real time, your clients can identify weaknesses and strengths of a campaign and adjust accordingly.

Simplify Power

Time is money. Our web-based platform is the one-stop solution that simplifies your clients' marketing abilities. Harness the power of five channels within one interface and free your clients to accomplish more.

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