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As a health care provider, you understand how vital it is to know your patients' pulse. Extend your care and attention to the community at large with a new practice of staying connected with patients through every season of their health. Now, your care can be communicated to patients beyond the examination room.

At the heart of healthcare is caring for the well-being of your patients. For that, you need effective communications to make sure they feel cared for. Directtexting's cross-channel messaging solution provides multiple ways, from email and mobile texting to voice broadcast, Facebook and Twitter, to keep your patients informed and reminded.

Life happens, and so do missed appointments. Save time and money by scheduling automated text appointment reminders. By setting up SMS alerts in advance, you'll minimize the time spent making courtesy calls and capture those valuable business opportunities.

Healthy living starts with good medical advice. Let your patients sign up through an online sign-up page to receive informative monthly e-newsletters. Even customize the email with helpful images and your logo. Send timely SMS notifications to remind them about check-ups and seasonal shots. And spread the word about special events, like fundraisers and other functions, via social media updates that fans and followers can share with their friends.

Send Appointment Reminders

Life can be hectic. Take one more stressor off your patients' mind by sending text reminders for appointments a day or an hour in advance. Simplify your load with automated reminders by reducing time normally spent on courtesy calls.

Update and Inform

Good health is a lifestyle. Send emails to update patients with weekly or monthly newsletters while maintaining a constant presence in their lives. Remind patients of yearly check-ups and seasonal flu shots with text messages. Get the word out about special events and clinics through social media updates.

Personalize Patient-Care

Show them you care everyday. Give patients the option to receive daily reminders for medication. Build healthy patient-relationships using two-way messaging. Address their simple non-emergency questions conveniently through text. Send warm sentiments and attention on birthdays and holidays with eCards.

Simplify Internal Communication

Quality patient care begins with a strong internal network of a healthcare organization. Keep staff up-to-date with announcements in real time via text message blasts. Send text messages to let doctors and nurses know of shift changes and emergencies. Use email newsletters to inform staff of monthly developments and events.

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