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You just don't know if the next person getting out of the car to get a closer look at your sale sign is your next buyer. Don't lose any potential leads because they can't get a hold of you or the details. Once interested home buyers request information, you can build rapport by notifying them of new listings and related tips and offers.

Property managers depend on effective communication for alerting residents and advertising listings. Did you know that text messaging is quickly phasing out emails and phone calls, leading to more renewals and timely rent payments? In one case, a business that transitioned from phone calls to texts saw a 13 percent increase in collections. Particularly in critical moments like a busted water pipe or a power outage, texting is the most effective way to immediately alert all affected tenants and keep them updated no matter where they are

Your days can get busy, leaving little time in front of a computer. Our send-from-phone feature lets you access our platform through your phone to send mass messages while you’re on the go.If you have multiple properties, you can set access rights to features and data for employees at each. We also have SMS 2-factor authentication that will strengthen your security against unauthorized access.

One of our flagship features, automation helps save time and energy by carrying out tasks for you. For example, have alerts automatically sent four and two months before a lease is set to expire.We give you text, email, voice broadcast (for messaging only), and social media, all in a single integrated platform, so you can contact everybody at once no matter what their communication preferences are.

Constant Availability

Never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential home buyer by automatically responding to requests for property information - any hour of the day. Even if you're not physically available to answer questions and offer advice, interested home buyers can always access specific property information.

Continued Relationship

With our marketing capabilities and platform, the possibilities extend beyond the initial property listing that began a client interaction. Once an interested buyer contacts you, he/she can opt in to receive notifications for future listings in the same or different area. Use Data Capture to inquire about a buyer's criteria for home and then send relevant notifications and updates according to the saved responses.

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